Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems in Oklahoma

What is a Geothermal HVAC System?

Frequently referred to as ground-source, water-source, earth-coupled, or GeoExchange heat pumps, 地热热泵利用埋在地下的管道系统为你的房子供暖和降温. 这些密封的管道形成了一个循环回路——或地面回路——埋在地下几英尺的地方, where the temperature is more consistent than the outside air temperature, 并通过建筑内安装的热泵和分配系统将空气输送到你的家里或公司.

而传统的空气源沙巴体育足球开户系统使用冷却剂液体和电来加热或冷却室外空气进入你的家, 地热系统利用地球恒定的温度来加热或冷却进入你家的空气, 让传导温度的液体通过埋在地下的管道,那里的温度始终保持在50到60华氏度之间. 地热设备不像空气源设备那样试图在冬天加热冷空气,在夏天冷却热空气,而是简单地将你家里或公司的空气与地面的空气交换, 在冬天把地球上较热的空气和在夏天把较冷的空气吸到你的建筑中,以更有效地控制温度,减少能源和电力需求.

Why Should You Choose a Geothermal HVAC System?

Geothermal systems are especially effective in climates like Oklahoma, where the air temperature fluctuates frequently and dramatically. 传统的沙巴体育足球开户等空气源系统不仅依赖外部空气来调节室内温度,而且安装在地面上, exposed to the elements. This means that, in addition to trying to cool hot air in the summer, the HVAC unit is also competing with the sun and the heat, making it work twice as hard. 同样的道理也适用于冬季寒冷的空气温度和风寒会导致室外HVAC机组冻结, leading to costly repairs at the most inopportune times.

Because they take advantage of the consistent ground temperature, 而不是操纵室外的空气——室外的空气与室内的空气差别很大——他们受到保护,不受外界因素的影响, 地热系统使用的能源和电力比传统的沙巴体育足球开户单位少25%到50%, reliable, and comfortable airflow all year long. And, unlike traditional units, which depreciate over time and can be costly to maintain and replace, 地热系统可以在短短2年的时间内提供投资回报,内部组件的使用寿命为24年,接地回路组件的使用寿命超过50年.

Additional benefits of geothermal units include:

  • More stable indoor air temperatures throughout your entire home for continuous, 低强度的冷暖系统,比其他强制空气系统更舒适
  • Energy-efficient, potentially helping you save up to 70% on heating, cooling, and hot water costs and reducing your electricity usage by 25-50%
  • 更长的运行寿命(内部组件可达24年,地面回路超过50年, as compared to a traditional HVAC with a lifespan of only 15-18 years)
  • Minimal maintenance requirement
  • Quieter functioning with no outdoor units 
  • 视觉上吸引人(地下安装意味着没有难看的室外或壁挂式装置)
  • Environmentally safe and friendly (uses no propane, oil, or natural gas to operate and produces no flames, fumes, or carbon monoxide; lowest CO2 emissions and overall environmental impact rating of any temperature-controlling technology)

Geothermal systems may also include an optional desuperheater, 哪一种是你家里的热水器的补充,可以减少多达25%或更多的水暖成本. 

您可以在这里了解更多关于地热热泵的知识,它们是如何工作的,以及它们的所有好处 U.S. Department of Energy.

What are the Costs of a Geothermal HVAC System in Oklahoma?

与传统的地热发电系统相比,地热发电系统的前期安装成本更高, but their rapid return on investment, combined with federal, state, and local rebates 让它们比你想象的更实惠、更划算,尤其是从长远来看. You can also use the ClimateMaster Geothermal Cost Savings Calculator 看看与传统的沙巴体育足球开户相比,地热系统可以节省多少时间的供暖和制冷费用.

Maintaining a Geothermal HVAC System in Oklahoma

虽然它很小,而且比传统的沙巴体育足球开户设备要少很多,但是你的地热设备需要一些维护. To ensure proper operation and maximum efficiency, installation, repairs, 每年的检查和维护应该由了解地热独特规划和实施要求的地热专家进行. 

Geothermal HVAC Service and Installation in Oklahoma 

尚德热量和空气是俄克拉荷马州领先的地热和空气沙巴足球体育平台提供商之一. After more than 30 years of experience designing, installing, and maintaining open and closed-loop geothermal heat pump systems, 我们已经发展了专业知识和洞察力来执行定制的热损失和冷却增益的精确计算, 沙巴足球体育平台创新软件可以让我们比较各种加热的运营成本和回报, cooling, and water heating options. 这意味着您可以放心,我们将创造一个地热系统,满足您的独特需求, exceeds your expectations, and maximizes your investment. 我们被认证设计广泛的空气分配和排气系统, as well as radiant floor heating and multi-zone systems, 适用于住宅和轻型商业改造或新建筑项目. Schedule a free, 今天免费咨询,了解地热和其他可再生能源如何同时帮助您降低成本和改善您的舒适度. Call us today at (405) 348-9743, email us at, or use our convenient online contact form here.

When you choose Suntech Heat and Air as your geothermal partner, you’ll experience more than dramatic cost savings; you’ll receive first-class customer service and care, every time. Our NATE-certified maintenance and repair teams are available seven days a week, and we never charge weekend or after-hours service fees—ever. We use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to determine the repairs necessary, 我们一直以专业的态度对待沙巴足球体育平台客户,并从一家沙巴足球体育平台俄克拉荷马州超过30年的公司那里获得你应得的尊重. Changing the way you heat and cool your home doesn’t have to mean changing your expectations; let Suntech Heat and Air help you go green with geothermal.

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